How We Represent Those People

In Ep. 15 of Aider & Abettor, Avi and Sajid sit down with Rod O’Connor. Rod retired from public defense in 2016. During his career, Rod tried homicides and mentored new lawyers (including Avi).

In the first segment, Rod shares his perspective as a recently retired public defender on the parts of the job that he misses and the parts of the job that he does not miss.

They take up FAQs/cocktail party questions in the second segment. How do they represent those people? How do they sleep at night? Find out.
As part of this segment, they share their thoughts on the McCoy v. Louisiana case. In that case, an attorney conceded his client’s guilt in a death penalty trial, over the client’s objection. The attorney thought this would increase the chances of a non-death sentence.

At the end of the show, they share their Thing(s).

The music in this episode is by Lee Rosevere, Makaih Beats, and Chris Zabriskie.

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