Episode 7: Out Here Trying to Function

In the 7th episode of Aider & Abettor, Sajid and Avi discuss former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez, his murder trials and his recent death in the “Opening Statement” segment. They talk about his acquittal for an alleged double homicide and some of the nuances of the trial including Hernandez’s tattoos and a unique jury selection process. Sajid and Avi also share how Hernandez’s suicide impacted them with some discussion of Sajid’s blog post “Aaron Hernandez, My Clients and Me”


In the “Deep Dive” segment, they reflect on how to function as public defenders given the challenges inherent in the work. Sajid and Avi share some of the mental and emotional challenges of the work and then trade their top 5 lists of self-care methods and practices to sustain as freedom fighters and avoid burnout. Some of their suggestions include physical labor, fast food and therapy.

Sajid and Avi finish up with their “Thing(s).” Sajid talks about the Cincinnati Bengals drafting Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon despite his prior conviction for an assault of a woman at a bar (discussed in the inaugural episode of the podcast). Avi shouts out NBA basketball player Dion Waiters and his moving essay in The Players’ Tribune.


Our intro is by @leerosevere. Our outro and sounds are by @omniboi

Please email us comments at aiderandabettor@gmail.com.

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