Episode 8 of Aider & Abettor is up.

Episode 8 of Aider & Abettor is up.  Here are the show notes.

In the 8th episode of Aider & Abettor, Sajid and Avi discuss the first trial of Bill Cosby in the “Opening Statement” segment. They talk about the judge’s rulings in the case, the hung jury and what, if anything, the result means for our community.

In a new segment called “Read Back,” they revisit a topic from Episode 4: the arrest and prosecution of Lauren Kirk-Coehlo for the vandalism of a mosque in Davis, California. They dive into the layers of her recent sentence of probation and jail time and discuss the Muslim community’s reaction to the outcome. Some of Sajid’s thoughts on the sentence in written form are here: thesajidakhan.tumblr.com/post/1619406…ce-of-lauren

In the “Deep Dive” segment, Sajid and Avi reflect on the death of Philando Castile and the trial of officer Jeronimo Yanez. They break down the tragic incident and the acquittal of Mr. Yanez, including how Supreme Court cases permitted the initial car stop, the dashcam video of the officer shooting Mr. Castile, how the jury might have received the evidence in reaching their decision and what the not guilty verdict means and doesn’t mean.
Sajid tried to flesh out some of his thoughts on the tragedy here: thesajidakhan.tumblr.com/post/1620395…the-trial-of

Sajid and Avi finish up with their “Thing(s).”

Our intro is by @leerosevere. Our outro and sounds are by @omniboi

Thanks to everyone for listening, sharing, and sending feedback.  Please email us your takes at aiderandabettor@gmail.com or tweet at @thesajidkhan and @avanindar


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